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    Meet The World’s Most Flexible Woman

    From fitting snugly into a red phone box to distracting guards outside the Horse Guards Parade its little wonder this contortionist proved to be a distraction. Meet Zlata – the world’s most flexible woman. Pictured here on the streets of London, the contortionist drew crowds in the UK capital displaying her wiry skills. The Russian […]

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    Donald Trump GRABBING And KISSING Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins

    A newly surfaced video shows Donald Trump grabbing and kissing a former Miss Universe on stage. Donald Trump sexually humiliates Jennifer Hawkins in front of thousands. Donald Trump awkwardly tried to kiss former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. Video of Trump Kissing Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. Donald Trump sexually humiliate former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins before […]

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    Baby Who Was Caught Sleeping Standing On Her Head
    Babysitter Freaks Out When She Sees Child Sleeping On Her Head

    We’ve heard of sleepwalking, but sleep acrobatics? Mikaela Long snapped this photo of the baby monitor she was using to keep an eye on her niece. She says she didn’t know whether to call the girl’s parents or an exorcist. While she compared the photo to something she’s seen in a movie about the paranormal, […]

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    Watch: Romanian Pop star suffers wardrobe malfunction live on air

    Romanian singer Andreea Balan was performing on prime time TV when her top failed to hold her in The pop star was performing on live TV suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when her breasts fell out of her top – revealing her nipples to the audience. But Romanian singer Andreea Balan was completely oblivious to […]