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Bikini-clad mum launches racist rant at neighbours

This is the shocking moment a bikini-clad woman launches a racist tirade against her neighbours as her stunned daughter begs her to stop.

The woman, wearing a red polka dot bikini appears to turn on the group after they make a comment about her body “hanging low”.

It is believed that the incident took place on a residential street in Tallahassee, Florida.

One of the victims of the racial insults records the confrontation on camera, before she later posted the footage on YouTube.
The woman throws racial insults at her neighbours after they appear to make a comment about her figure
In the clip, the white woman says: “You should have stayed in Africa, and you can go back there. It’s free. You can go back to Africa if you want to.”

The woman confronts her neighbours in front of her stunned daughter
But the Florida mum continues to rant, before turning the conversation to Martin Luther King.

It is at this point that the woman’s daughter walks over to her mother and grabs her by the arm, begging her to stop.

The woman’s daughter begs her to stop and get inside the car
She then attempts to get her mother to sit in the car, but she refuses to move before the video suddenly cuts off.

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