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School teacher branded ‘rapist’ after affair with teenage pupil is stripped naked and beaten by pare

A school teacher was stripped naked and brutally beaten by parents and locals who branded him a rapist for having an affair with one of his teenage pupils.

The man surnamed Li, employed at the First Senior High School of Weixian, was caught red-handed and attacked by the schoolgirl’s parents, who created a scene and persuaded a gang of a dozen people to join in.

The incident from Wei County in Xingtai City, in North China’s Hebei Province, quickly went viral after Li was filmed squatting down near a residential area completely unclothed.

In the short video, Li had reportedly already been beaten and had his clothes torn off, leaving him in pain and covering his private parts with his hands.

Local residents then called police to the scene after Li was paraded around naked and called a “rapist” after word of his embarrassing affair with his 17- or 18-year-old pupil got out.

Officers found the teacher with serious injuries all over his body and essentially spared his life from the violent mob justice.

Local authorities took Li to hospital for treatment before detaining him for investigation.

Officials from the county’s Education Bureau have suspended Li and are now cooperating with police in the ongoing inquest.

Reports suggested that Li and his pupil did have sex and that the teacher was set up and framed by several of the school’s former pupils who were expelled for poor conduct and who sought to take revenge on Li as a result.

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