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Grandma, 102, blows out her birthday candles, ends up losing her teeth

A 102-year-old grandma had her grandchildren laughing for an hour when she tried to blow out the candles on her birthday cake – and lost her teeth instead.
Louise Bonito’s family was having a belated celebration for her April 26 birthday when the large clan gathered at her house in North Haven, Connecticut for Mother’s Day.
They placed a cake in front of Bonito and sang her happy birthday before telling her to ‘make a wish, Non!’ and blow the candles out.
The proud granddaughter said Bonito can do ‘everything’, whether its cooking every meal or making two trays of lasagna for 20 people by herself.
‘I’ve met people who are 80 that act older than she is,’ Addario said.
Bonito, a mother-of-five with 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren, said she’s just happy that she helped make her close family laugh.
‘There’s a lot of love here,’ she said.
‘I always say “I’ve been blessed”‘.

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