Watch: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump doing Dirty Dancing

An Internet prankster has made a parody video of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton .

In the clip, the pair appear to be serenading each other with the 1987 hit I’ve Had The Time Of My Life from the film Dirty Dancing.

While the duo seemingly belt out the track to one another, Bill Clinton looks on unimpressed from the audience.

The 30-second footage was broadcast on Good Morning Britain earlier today, much to the amusement of Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.”Congratulations to whoever put that together,” Susanna quipped afterwards. “But it was uncomfortable to watch those close ups of Bill Clinton!”

Piers added: “That was fantastic. Hilarious!”Of course, the funny clip was a far cry from what really happened at the second Presidential debate in St Louis, Missouri, earlier this week.

At the start of the event, Donald and Hillary snubbed each other by not shaking hands at the start.Donald’s campaign is knee deep in accusations of sexism after footage of him using comments about groping and using women emerged.

But the mogul said there was “zero chance” of him quitting and went on the offensive ahead of this morning’s second presidential TV debate.

In a last-minute ploy, Trump invited women who have made accusations Bill Clinton abused them to speak at a press conference before the debate.

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