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Woman lands in hospital after sex toy gets stuck in her bum during freaky session

A British woman thought she’d lost her vibrating pleasure wand, only to find that it was still inside her.

The Sun reports that Emma Phillips and her boyfriend, Lee Miller, were getting busy one morning, when her 7-inch long adult gadget was suddenly nowhere to be found.

She initially thought Miller had hidden the toy somewhere and was pranking her. It wasn’t until she felt buzzing inside her stomach that she realized the plastic toy had disappeared up her backside and was now stuck inside her.

The two got creative trying to get the vibrator out, using BBQ tongs and a kitchen fork handle, to no avail. Philips eventually swallowed her shame and called an ambulance.

Doctors had to take an X-ray to figure out where the thing was, and told Phillips they may have to cut her open since it had lodged too far up to be taken out painlessly.

Luckily, there was an alternative. A camera was pushed down her throat, and doctors maneuvered the vibrator towards her rectal cavity, where it was extracted, while still vibrating.

Doctors cheekily offered Phillips the toy as a souvenir, but she smartly declined. The 24-year-old applauded the doctors for their quick response, and says she’ll be more careful with using such devices in the future.

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