Three Pokemon GO hunters were stunned when their monster search ended with as they spotted a couple appearing to have s*x in a field.

The massively popular game has seen scrums, riots and robberies break out – but this was an eyeful that the players didn’t see coming.

Lauren Dua, 24, took her brother Lewis Overell, 20, and 14-year-old sister to play the app at Blackheath Common in south east London.
The family turned up at 11pm on August 20 – and say they were met with an X-rated surprise.
The trio, who live near the greenbelt area,
were stunned when they claim they discovered a man dressed in just a silver shirt.
and blue Y-fronts lying on top of a woman who appeared to be completely starkers.
And Lauren insists the saucy pair were not put off by a gathering crowd at the spot,
which is a Pokemon Go spawning nest, and carried on with their daring deeds regardless.

Lauren said: We were just walking across Blackheath Common when my brother said ‘Is that women naked over there.
and I thought he was joking but then my sister said the same thing.
So I went over to have a look and could not believe that they were right and by that point a few people had gathered around still playing Pokemon and they were putting on quite a show .
The couple really did not seem to be bothered at all that everyone was stood around watching them.

But after the brazen scene carried on for a short while, an onlooker allegedly took offence at the display, which resulted in a scuffle.

Lauren claims that the clash resulted in the semi-clothed man, who was in his mid-40s, being assaulted and police were called to break up the scene.

The beauty therapist insists the night was one of the weirdest ever and posted her shocking snaps online where they were shared more than 2,500 times before being deleted for being too raunchy.

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